These are Some of the Open Source projects I have worked on and contributed to.

You're free to use these projects as is, modify them and/or customize them according to your needs.

GraphQL Doc
Generate Documentation for GraphQL Endpoints Instantly. This application was inspired by GraphiQL, It categorizes all the Types, Queries, Mutations, Subscriptions in the way we code it, Making it easier for us to use and debug GraphQL Server Schemas.
Reddit PWA
Reddit Progressive Web Application
AWS Lambda GraphQL
GraphQL Application To Query Subreddits, Hosted on AWS Lambda
Productivity Application: Frontend
Kanban style, Trello inspired Productivity application built using the awesome React, Ant Design, Apollo Client.
Productivity Application: Backend
Backend of the Productivity Application, Built using Express and GraphQL.
NodeF allows you to run your Node scripts quickly and easily by calling a URL Endpoint, Every script acts as an API Endpoint.
Easily make your data accessible throughout the application without declaring them globally
GraphQL For Beginners
Learn to create application using GraphQL and Node JS
AWS CodeStar Tutorial
Learn to create Web Services using Node, AWS CodeStar and Lambda