I'm an Entrepreneur, Full Stack Architect. Learning, Teaching and Playing with Technologies.

I primarily work with Node JS, Javascript, React JS, Webpack, Express, MongoDB, GraphQL, AWS, Lambda, Serverless and Git. Other tech I work with are PHP, MySQL, Python, Go, R, Heroku and whatever fits the project I am working on.

[ My Favorite Tech Stack ]

  1. Frontend: React JS, Redux, GraphQL, Ant Design, Webpack
  2. Backend: Node JS, MongoDB, GrapgQL, Express
  3. Serverless: AWS Lambda, Node JS, Express, MongoDB
  4. Mobile: React Native, Webpack, Android

While working on projects, I don't choose the tech stack I love but rather the Tech that will help me get the job done easily and as soon as possible. Most of the time that tends to be Node JS.

I spend most of my time learning new things, mostly tech related and watching Anime., I write tutorials if I think others might find it useful. Currently I am writing a Book on Javascript.

Although not much, I do take and love working on Freelance Projects, If you have an Interesting project in mind do let me know.

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